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“My reason for beginning chiropractic care with Linn-Mar Chiropractic was for my infant son’s tummy and gas issues. We have been dealing with this issue for 5 months, which seems like much longer when you have an unhappy baby. It was hard for us to get him to burp and he was having horrible constipation issues. I have never had a chiropractor explain things like Dr. Lynn. Other medical doctors wanted Eric to take prescription gas drops and medication. Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Lynn we have been able to have a better life because of the improvement in the tummy issues. Eric has been able to digest formula without getting sick; he is keeping his food down and has no more constipation issues. My favorite thing about Linn-Mar Chiropractic is how much all of you listen to what’s going on so you can provide the best care.”

– Eric’s Mom (Eric 5mths old)

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Get the best care for your infant

For decades, parents have been bringing their newborns to Gonstead chiropractors. By eliminating interference to the nervous system caused be vertebral subluxation the body can function as it is intended. For most of us, the birth process is the most traumatic event in our lives. Obstetrical procedures cause tractioning and twisting of the infant’s spine which may lead to subluxation.

Dr. Lynn modifies the chiropractic adjusts based on a patient’s size and condition. Infants require only very slight and gentle adjustments, and typically respond very quickly.

Uncorrected spinal problems in childhood become significant problems in adulthood. Give your infant the best possible chance to live a healthy life – have their spine checked by a Dr. Lynn.

Homework should help your children, not hurt them

Children often put a lot of stress on their backs when they carry their text books and other belongings to and from class and / or school. As parents it is easy to overlook the damage that backpacks can do to a child’s posture, shoulders, and spine if not worn correctly.

Facts about backpack injury:

  • Heavy backpacks have a destructive impact on the posture and spinal health of children.
  • Injuries from these heavy loads can last a lifetime.
  • 55% of students carry more than the recommended 10 - 15% of body weight (Simmons College, April, 2001).
  • 66% of school nurses reported seeing students with pain or injury attributed to carrying backpacks (Airpacks® survey, 2000).
  • Up to 60% of children will experience back pain by age 18 (University of Michigan).
  • National Public Radio has reported that 65% of adolescent visits to doctors are for backpack related injuries (October, 1998).
  • The American Academy of Orthopedics has stated that backpack injury in children is a significant problem. 58% have seen patients complaining about back or shoulder pain related to backpacks. 65% have recommended that a patient change their use of a backpack to improve or correct back problems (October, 1999).

Is your child lugging around more than his or her back can handle?

It is tough to monitor how much is too much? A general rule of thumb is to ensure your child’s backpack weight does not exceed 15% of their body weight.

Common problems and symptoms relating to backpacks:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Mid back pain
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Arm and finger numbness
  • Headaches upper back pain
  • Lower back pain

Too heavy of a load can cause:

  • Postural misalignments
  • Vertebral subluxations
  • Abnormal gait
  • Disc herniations
  • Set the stage for osteoarthritis

Does your child show symptoms of spinal discomfort or poor posture?
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