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Gonstead System

Ensure You and Your Family are
Living Up yo Your Optimum Potential

Whether you need care to help with an injury or are looking to schedule yourself and your whole family for preventative health care, Linn-Mar Chiropractic specializes in care for children and adults of all ages.

We Will Create a Plan Tailored to Your Specific Spinal Needs

As a Gonstead practitioner, we use five criteria to evaluate your spine, so we can treat you accurately. These five criteria include
  • Visualization of the spine
  • Instrumentation that measures temperature differences from one side of the spine to the other
  • Static palpation
  • Motion palpation
  • X-ray analysis
The focus of the Gonstead adjustment is to be as specific, precise and accurate as possible, addressing only your problem areas. It is the goal of Dr. Lynn to restore and maintain your optimal health by locating and correcting any interference to your nervous system caused by spinal misalignment, also known as subluxation.

Dr. Lynn, as a Gonstead chiropractor, is also well trained in the evaluation and adjustment of shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles, feet and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Get the Pregnancy Help You Deserve

During pregnancy a woman’s body changes dramatically, causing shifts in weight bearing and center of gravity which adds stress to the spine and pelvis. As the abdomen grows forward, it pulls the lower back with it.

The mid-back and shoulders then pull back to compensate and in turn the head and neck tilt forward. If minor spinal problems exist in the spin or pelvis prior to these changes, it will typically intensify during the course of pregnancy. This makes it vital for a woman to maintain the integrity of her spine before and throughout her pregnancy.

A properly aligned pelvis allows for sufficient space for the developing baby and a quicker and easier delivery. An optimally functioning mother, free of nerve interference, will contribute much to the health of her baby.
Neck pain

Restore Full Function to Your Body

Get yourself back to living life to the fullest by eliminating:
  • Health Issues
  • Neck, mid, and lower back issues
  • Leg and foot issues – plantar fasciitis and knee pain
  • Shoulder and elbow issues
  • Wrist issues -- carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb pain
  • TMJ dysfunction
If you have ongoing unresolved health issues, don’t hesitate to call our chiropractic team. We are here to help!
"My reason for beginning chiropractic care with Linn-Mar Chiropractic was for back pain. I was 5 months pregnant and my back was killing me. I could barely move at work and when caring or playing with my two year old. I had taken my daughter, now two years old, to a chiropractor when she was a baby. The previous chiropractor adjusted my daughter’s back and her colic was better. I’m so glad I started to care for myself, I feel so much better, and I’m able to move my spine and neck without pain. Staying adjust has helped with stress and the pain I had daily and made my pregnancy SO much easier and enjoyable. My favorite thing about Linn-Mar Chiropractic is knowing my children and myself are in excellent hands."

Denise, age 23
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