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Are you struggling with everyday activities? Unable to sleep at night? Call Dr. Lynn Banderob of Linn-Mar Chiropractic now and see what she can do for you!
I like coming to Dr. Lynn because they treat you like family and they do babies to adults. I feel better after going to Dr. Lynn. Dr. Lynn talks to you, she helps you the way you need it. She answers your questions and takes good care of you.

- Kenny – Age 11 years

My reason for beginning chiropractic care with Linn-Mar Chiropractic was for back and neck pain. I have been experiencing this problem for more than 20 years. This condition made me miserable therefore I wasn’t active and didn’t join activities. I was very depressed back then. Prior chiropractors gave me no relief. Hence I believed no one could help me. It wasn’t worth the time or paperwork to seek other medical treatments. My experience with other medical issues was very negative and I got no relief. Dr. Lynn has taught me so much and has gone through my X-Rays step-by-step and gave me a care plan that made sense. Today I call her my personal “Genie”, only without the bottle! I am such a happy person and very active now. My favorite thing about Linn-Mar Chiropractic is Dr. Lynn and the staff and OH YES, THE RELIEF. I thank God as well!

- Suzie – Age range 60-69 years

I was having lower back problems and came to Dr. Lynn as a recommendation from my daughter who was seeing a Gonstead Chiropractor. Dr. Lynn has gotten my lower back in shape and now I have had a very little pain over the last year. Recently I was diagnosed with a nerve disorder in my feet. Dr. Lynn has been able to re-adjust my ankles to minimize the effects of the nerve disorder. Life is good again! I can’t thank Dr. Lynn and the staff at Linn-Mar Chiropractic enough!!

- Tom – Age range 45-55 years

My reason for beginning care with Linn-Mar Chiropractic was after three back surgeries I still had a numb foot and severe pain in my lower back plus I was suffering from migraines. I had been experiencing these problems for 3 years. I could not walk very far, missed work because it hurt to sit too long and because I was having migraines. My previous chiropractor was rough and I was still in pain after my visits. A friend told me about Linn-Mar Chiropractic and since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Lynn I have quit taking pain pills during the day, I am not missing work because of my back, I have more feeling in my foot and my migraines are gone. Now I am able to play with my grandkids outside, take the girls shopping and walk around. My favorite thing about Linn-Mar Chiropractic is that Dr. Lynn listens to what I have to say…she really care, plus her staff always meets me with a smile and I have never had an adjustment that hurts.

- Pam – Age range 55-65 years

I sought care at Linn-Mar Chiropractic after a referral from a colleague. I was suffering from severe menstrual cramps forever and ongoing sinus infections for more than six months. I was missing work for medical doctor appointments. My productivity at work dropped due to pain and we were spending an obscene amount of money on doctor bills and medications. I have always loved chiropractic but the trick is finding one that cares and knows what they are talking about. I was taking over the counter medications and prescriptions, which were just band-aids; they didn’t fix the cause of the problem. I haven’t had a sinus infection since I started seeing Dr. Lynn. We have saved money. My menstrual cycles have gone from not being able to walk to having little or no pain. I am a happier person at work and at home. I am able to do more things with my friends and family. My favorite thing about Linn-Mar Chiropractic is Dr. Lynn and her staff. They really care about their patients and they listen to your concerns.

- Beth – Age range 35-45 years

We took my daughter to Linn-Mar Chiropractic because she was experiencing horrible abdominal and back pain and was physically ill. We had a positive experience at Linn-Mar Chiropractic before with other issues with other family members. Our daughter had been experiencing these problems for 3 months and it caused her to miss school, miss cross country meets and other social events. She was seen in the Emergency Room twice in 3 months for these problems. Dr. Lynn pinpointed the cause of the problem. Today my daughter ran down the stairs and said, “Mom, I feel so GOOD! I think we should pay Dr. Lynn DOUBLE!” Translation from a 13-year-old: Dr. Lynn is AMAZING! Our favorite thing about Linn-Mar Chiropractic is the kindness we are shown and Dr. Lynn’s knowledge and caring.

- Brynn’s Mom

I began chiropractic care at Linn-Mar Chiropractic for right arm weakness and continuous hiccups which were draining and annoying. I had been experiencing these complaints for over a year and thought they were age related. Both conditions were affecting every part of my life. My previous Chiropractor had moved out of town and he referred me to Dr. Lynn. Dr. Lynn helped me a lot, the hiccups resolved, but I still needed surgical intervention for my arm and she made the referral to the surgeon for me. That referral restored the rest of my arm function. Everything is better and I will continue to get adjustments. I love everything about Linn-Mar Chiropractic!!

- Steve – Age range 65-75 years

After my initial visit I was pain-free, was sleeping better and beginning to see a weight loss program pay off because I could walk more without pain. My progress has made me more rested and able to enjoy my blessings. My favorite thing about Linn-Mar Chiropractic is Denise and Sue’s smiles and kindness as well as Dr. Lynn being so very kind and caring about me as a person not a patient.

- Dave, Age range 36-55 years

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